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Post bed sewing machine with driven top & bottom roller feed system

roller feed post bed Highlead GC24618

The Highlead GC24618 is a single needle lockstitch post bed sewing machine which features a combined triple feeding system utilizing: needle feed, bottom driven roller feed and top driven roller feed for optimum feeding performance.
The machine is designed for stitching light to medium heavy items such as: leathers, boot tops, shoes, straps, upholstery and other difficult to feed material including: vinyl, polyethylene plastics, oil cloth, canvas, coated and laminated fabrics etc.

The versatile post bed design allows you to stitch hollow, tubular and shaped items which can not normally be done on standard flat bed sewing machines.

The driven top & bottom roller feed system makes it easier to do fancy or detailed stitching where many changes in stitch direction are required.  

A vertical hook & base is fitted to the right of needle and a semi-automatic lubrication system is fitted.

driven Roller feed post bed sewing machine


  • Versatile Post bed shape
  • Single needle lockstitch sewing
  • Top & bottom driven roller feed
  • Combined needle feed
  • Vertical axis hook & base
  • 178mm Post bed height
  • Semi-automatic lubrication.
  • Up-to 7mm stitch feature
  • Max sewing speed: 3000rpm
  • Stitch length: 1.3-7mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 38mm
  • Post bed height: 178mm
  • Feed system: Driven Roller
  • Presser foot lift by hand: 7mm
  • Presser foot lift by foot: 14mm
  • Needle Type: DPx5


Twin needle post bed HIGHLEAD GC24618-1 model available

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