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Highlead Sewing Machines

Highlead GA2698-1

Long Arm Cylinder (feed up the arm)

Long Cylinder feed up the Arm Extra Heavy Duty Lockstitch



The GA2698-1 is Highlead's special extended feed up the arm extra heavy duty long cylinder machine.

The sewing machines cylinder shaped arm has been extended to give approximately 960mm clearance.

It is fitted with an extra large shuttle hook assembly (204 type) for use with heavy weight & extra heavy weight materials and threads.

A stitch length of up-to 7.5mm is possible and the machine has a reverse stitch lever as standard.

The special extra large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity offers high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread.

The bobbin winder is mounted on top of the sewing machine head for easy use and quick change over.

The presser foot has an extra high lift and can go up to 20mm, allowing for a large range of heavy & extra heavy weight material to be used.

This special extra long feed up the arm cylinder machine is suited to sewing for example:

large tubular shapes, golf bags, luggage bags, tents, sails, parachutes, umbrellas, fishing gear, cushions etc.


Extra heavy duty cylinder arm shape with extra large shuttle hook.



  • Extended 960mm arm clearance
  • Special Large shuttle hook
  • Extra heavy duty cylinder arm
  • Extra high lifting foot assembly
  • Reverse stitch lever
  • Large stitch feature
  • Built-in bobbin winder.


  • Max sewing speed: 800rpm
  • Stitch length: 0-7.5mm
  • Needle bar stroke: 56mm
  • Take up stroke: 96mm
  • Presser foot lift by hand: 13mm
  • Presser foot lift by foot: 20mm
  • Needle size: DYx3 #26

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